I help you get clear about what you really, truly want and then start taking action to get there.

Here's how to get started working with me.


Class Coaching

If you've been thinking about teaching classes, either online or in person, but aren't sure what you could or should teach, this is the place to begin.  We'll start with a brainstorming worksheet and then jump on a call to talk over your potential ideas, narrow them down and come up with a plan to get your first class up and running. In two hours or less, you will have a concrete plan to get started teaching and earning.


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Teaching Creative Membership Program

Join creative teachers and life changers from all over the world to connect, share ideas of what's working (and what isn't) and get tons of new content each month to become the best teacher you can be. No need to try and figure all this out on your own when you have all the support you need at your fingertips. Each month we feature a new creative topic, from booking your first class to creating a Certification Program and everything in between. For new and experienced teachers alike-we thrive by supporting each other.


Create an Affiliate Program

Need help promoting your offerings? Collaborating with other people in your field to promote each other is a great way to spread the word about what you do, while also helping others share what they do as well. This is known as "Joint Venture" or "Affiliate" Marketing and can help you grow your email list more quickly to get more eyes on your offerings. If you're the kind of creative who prefers to focus on, well, creating, and leave the promoting to someone else, click below for more information on how I can help. Do you already have a course or product that you'd like to promote through an affiliate program, but have no idea how to set that up? I've got you, click below for more information.